Fun Things to do with Friends

Published: 02nd July 2010
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‘A friend in need is a friend indeed' is an age old cliché which has been associated with the concept of friendship ever since man started making friends. This proverb preaches the importance of standing by your friends through good times as well as bad times and friends who adhere to this golden rule are best friends for ever. Apart from the deeper meaning, friendship is also a synonym for fun and the best way to enjoy is to have fun with friends in different ways. The fun things to do with friends can be classified into different categories which are adventure, spontaneous, naughty fun seekers, sports activities and summer specials.

Fun things to do with friends - Adventure

 Bike riding down the steepest hill in the area or going for a mountain biking trip with friends can qualify as one of the fun things to do with friends but one needs to be careful while indulging in this activity as it is very easy to get injured.

 Learning to dive at a scuba diving school with friends can prove to be a thrilling experience.

 A hot air balloon ride in which the entire gang of friends travels in a single balloon can be a memorable experience.

 White water canoeing and white-water rafting with a group of friends is not only an adventurous activity but also one which helps to strengthen bonds.

 When all the friends in the group decide collectively to get a tattoo, then it is fun and also helps to cultivate the feeling of belongingness.

Fun Things to do with friends - Spontaneous

 Friends can go through a cookbook and select a random recipe to try out together.

 If it is a group of four friends then they can open the directory, choose the fourth restaurant, order the fourth entrée and follow it up with the fourth dessert no matter what it is.

 Friends can just go for a drive with no fixed plans or fixed destinations and see where the road takes them.

 Friends can decide on the spot to pay a visit to a barber's shop and get the same hair styles.

Fun things to do with friends - Places to go

 A water theme park is one of the best places to go if one wishes to have a good time with their friends.

 One of the most common options among places to go for fun things to do with friends is to go to the beach together with a picnic hamper and spend the day.

 A visit to the flea market with a group of friends might just turn out to be an interesting experience.

 Watching a movie together, especially the movie which all the members of the group have been waiting to watch, should be considered among the fun things to do with friends.

 Attending a city council meeting together and voicing and listening to opinions in a panel discussion can prove to be an interesting activity among friends.

Fun things to do with friends - Naughty Nature

 A very common naughty prank which is played by friends is to sneak up and flick all the eggs from a neighbor's refrigerator, boil them till they are hard boiled and then sneak them back again.

 Organizing a pajama party and inviting all your friends over is a fun thing to do with friends. The element of naughtiness can be added by everyone shedding all their clothes and chasing each other.

 A well known naughty activity for having fun with friends is to make pies and hit each other as well as unsuspecting strangers on the face.

Fun things to do with friends - Sports

 A fun sporting activity to do with friends is to play rugby outside in the mud when it is raining.

 To embark on a cross country walk together on a moonlit night surely qualifies as one of the fun things to do with friends.

 Practicing gymnastics together is not only good for physical fitness but is also one of the fun things to do with friends.

 Playing a game which everyone in the friend circle is familiar with like handball, soccer, ice hockey, cricket or volleyball is always a fun as long as it involves friends.

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